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anna teoh
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May 25th, 2009 03:36 am - in less than a month...
ughhh im happy and sad...
now that im going to go home soon i feel sad and started missing UK.
other than winter i like it here:(;(:(:(

but im going home:):):):):)

but dubai:(:(:(:(:(:(!

anywaysss today.. errr i mean yesterday.. was a HOT day here! super hot!
my room like oven omfg.
dont even need a cardigan!

AND i got tonnes of free books!
went to kak su's place and there was tonnes of books and we get to pick any book we like like omg omg omg damn alot of books..
and ... i went shopping at primarkkkkkkkkkk.
cheapppp stuff
u can go crazy in primark! lol & h&m
i shall show u the stuff i bought okayyyyy?!
since im in the mood hahah!
but excuse the shitty pics cant be bothered to take them properly with my shitty ass camera!
they look better in real life tho!

shirt from h&m

cute pink leopard print pyjamas - primark

dress for my mommy
it really looks alot nicer in real life lol!

bikinis! 2 for 5pounds sooo cheapppppp!

shirt for my bro:D

pretty flattiessss!

another leopard print one!:))


long vest/ sleeveless long cardigan or watever u  call it:D

and look at them free books i got!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo happy!:D

and to wrap this up... heres some pic of today^^

look at the sun..sooo brightttt

aishah & i

waverly - the building where my class' at..


May 9th, 2009 08:52 pm - swine fucking flu
but i bought my flight tickets ady!
and he said HE'd RATHER I WASTE IT.

BUT D90!!!!!!:D
i can see myself owning u babehhhhh!:D:DDDDDDDD
May 8th, 2009 02:37 am - OH OH
and not only i want that HG toy...i also want a nikon D90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this one i wait for my dad to sponsor..which i doubt he will :S

May 7th, 2009 10:41 pm(no subject)
i really want one of these!!!
omg.... after 3 years! only i realised it's existence!!
ive watched hard gay on youtube 2 yrs ago...and i thought i digged all the episodes!
and today i so happen to watch again and saw the episode with this toy!!!
why didnt i watch this earlier!
its manufactured by TOMY & its limited edition!! and it was released 3 yrs ago! its really hard to find now!
i found one on ebay but its freaking expensive.. hmm im waiting for my bro's reply & see he can find in the shops if im lucky....

its so cute!
its those japanese pop up pirate but Hard Gay Version!

May 3rd, 2009 02:40 am - yo yo people!
cant believe i got the job!
fantastic deal i would say!
i get 3500aed per month with food, accomodation & transport taken care of!
how amazing is that!
according to the latest exchange rate.. 3500aed is about rm3500 which is about say 600 pounds!
600pounds is alot for an intern kayy!
i am sooo happy.....
the bad news is.. i have to work for a whole year....urghhhhhh dont think i get any long holidays in between thou!
well, hopefully i can adapt well there...

with tht lot of money.... im going to pay part of my uni fees!
which is a nice thing to do for my parents
i mean i would pay all my uni fees myself but  600 pounds x 12 months isnt enough...:S
at least i could share the burden & pay a partial of it.

ohhhh and another great news is... i requested if i could start in august instead of july...
at first they wanted me to start in july...so i emailed them got a reply saying i could start in august!
which means...... a whole month of holiday in Malaysia aka home!!!
people people, dont forget to meet up okayyy?

and....i have a whole lot of assignment to do...
and i only did a bit...... as in a tiny tiny bit....
i need inspiration!
somebody please push my start button!
i tell you, this machine(me) is faulty! it just wudnt start!

marg came over friday so we could sama-sama get started with our assignments...
and the both of us... good lord..
didnt freaking do anything....
we finished vectorworks class at 3 something... then i went and did some grocery shopping,..then we went to eat...at curry king's...by then it was 5.30pm  then we brought in the table which we left outside for 2 weeks cuz we had a bbq party and never bothered bringing it back in since then...its hard work i tell u.. we had to dismentle it & then fix it back again...took us a good half and hour to one hour....then.... margaret & i sort of lazed around abit and she went downstairs to look for mike...she went down for like 3 hours... and in tht 3 hours i was doing nothing productive!! was playing sorority on facebook the whole time!... then when she came back up...we decided to nap for an hour before we start work, it was 11 by then i think....but the again we didnt nap and ended up chatting for the whole hour... so we woke up...but nobody start work lol! thennn....i suggested to watch a movie and she went OKAYYY. then while loading the movie... fiona came up so the 3 of us ended watching movie as if we got no work to do... then marg fell asleep during the movie.. but the worst part was.... when it was the best part of the movie like the climax the stupid internet connection was gone!!!!!!but then by tht time i was sleepy so i gave up waiting cuz the internet wont connect... and went to bed. tht was 3 am.
then i woke up at 12pm saturday.. marg decided we shud go out picnic since it was sunny... and we brought our assignments along. great experience doing homework on the grass in the park LOL... but then after an hour mr. sun decided to turn his back on us.. the weather got cold and we couldnt stand the coldness so we left.. marg went home to her trinity sq, aishah & i went to vicky centre..... and.... i end up buying a pair of pretty shades from Next which cost me £13 .... then we walked home....while walking home hunger strikes and we decided to go to Ahmeds for some curry.... then went home,...before tht Marg fiona i planned to go stealth or rescue room clubbing...then last minute marg & i lazyyyy..we're lazy bums i tell u.... clubbing also lazy...do homework also lazyy....what else will we ever do?? LOL so i ended up doing nothing till now! its 3am sunday already!!!
ohh wait a minute but i did watch britains got talent! my favourite show!!
some british ppl can be soo stupid but some can be sooo talented! its damn funny i tell you!
and in this episode there was a guy, Jamie Pugh.... waluehhhh, i cried for him when he sang... omg... it was so touching.. i cant believe i cried ... i really did shed a good amount of tears.. i mean.. alot of previous BGT acts was touching like for example susan boyle... but then i never cried...
but this one.. i cried which i find it pretty amusing hahah im amused that i cried HAHAH
ohhh and that violinist sue son was super fantastic! the way she played the violin was like WHOAAA(the kind till your mouth open big big cant close back).haha!

cant wait to see michael angelo's sixteen chapel!!!
and colisuemmmmm! go go gladiatorrrr..
i want a Gucci something! lol Gucci from italyyyy.lol
how i wish i can afford!
hmm maybe after work placement in Dubai then i can :D weeee
the start of my career seems prettyy good! i hope it stays this way..

$$$ come  to me! come  to me!come  to me!

whoaa i typed so much already....
maybe next time i should try doing a video blog.hahahhaa
kk should sleep now...tomorrow have to continue doing assignments which im so far behind....
lucky this time tutorial on wednesday not monday...
my god..... when will i ever learn??! to not do my work last minute!!


May 1st, 2009 12:58 am - =(
i feel depressed,





emo-ness taking overrrrr.

Mar 18th, 2009 02:15 am - hello wello^^
whoooaa i just realised,
i havent been here for ageeessssssss!hmm like a whole month lol
here im gonna keep u guys a little updated.

for the past weeks...
i have been watching loads of movies!
like LOADS.
lets see...
i've watched...

-mean girls
-the neverending story
-mars attack
-食神(stephen chow)
-the curious case of benjamin button
-the butterfly effect

quite alot ehhhh.
in just 2 weeks oh yeahh plus 30 episodes of Forensic Heroes 2

omgahhh im so bored now.
its 2.30am.
i have a new project today.
and my tutorial groups are gonna change.
im glad about the group change so i dont have to see the same people over and over again.
but my tutor.... they changed mine to Lisa. ughhh i dont like lisa! i want lindsay my old tutor back!
pls pls pls i dont want Lisa i dont want Lisa:((((
but im kinda glad of this new project cuz its kinda interesting,
to design a future art space.
as in art gallery. not space like outerspace lol!
but that may be a good idea:)

hmm and i want my nicotine!
not as in cigarette haha. i dont smoke. ahem ahem
inside joke.:P

this thursdayyyy.
clubbing babyyyyyy!
2 clubs in a night.
oceana glowstick party and pyjama party at jumpin jacks
but i doubt i'll go to both
prolly will only go to oceana only.
i cant cope,one is tiring enough!!

gawwd. im so bored.
i dunno what to write summore
Feb 14th, 2009 05:12 pm(no subject)
but but...
Valentine's Day is Emo Day for single people like myself. HAH
pathetic pathetic!
and i have shitloads of assignments to be done.!
no time to be Emo!
Feb 11th, 2009 09:11 pm - finallyyyyyyyy....
jeng jeng jenggggg

i bought my american apparel weekend bag!:DDDDD

it just looks damn cool & awesome!


Feb 10th, 2009 02:20 pm - u know what?
i think i striked a JACKPOT!
not comfirmed yet lahh...
but it feels like it.
no i didnt buy lottery.
Jackpot came to me. Ahahaha:P
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